The compassionate spirit in the essence of Buddhism

3043-dalai-lama-xiv-quote-if-you-want-others-to-be-happy-practice Compassionate spirituality constitutes a fundamental component and teaching in Buddhism. Buddhism is a religious system which encompasses a whole philosophy, promoting a distinguished way of life. According to Murti, (2013), there is an assortment of traditions, convictions and spiritual and mental practices which focus on the moral perspective of life, mindfulness with profound consciousness and awareness of thoughts, emotions and actions, and also reinforcement of compassion, patience and wisdom. Regarding Buddhist skepticism, compassion comprises qualities of unselfish altruism, sympathy, affection, empathy, sharing, caring, understanding and experiencing collectively the pain or a challenging condition.

Therefore, the essential concept of compassion through Buddhist perspective is to suffer together and be identified with others. Subsequently, according to, the pursuit of real happiness through compassion is emphasized in Buddhism’s central principal called ‘The Four Noble Truths’. It’s a doctrine that focus on analyzing suffering and its stages through which physical and emotional desensitization from impermanent experiences, pleasures, detrimental thoughts around death and various factors of life are attainable. The First Noble Truth mentions the fact that life is awash from suffering, owing to psychological issues (depression, anger, aggression, loneliness), physical suffering related to diseases and pains and the pessimism and deficiency of a positive approach of aging and death. The Second Noble Truth is associated with suffering which is provoked by antipathy and craving. People’s compassion should vanquish selfishness and strict expectations from others and their wanting about a happy life should be revised. The Third Noble Truth comes when suffering and wasted cravings are eliminated learning how to live for the moment without taking into consideration the past periods or future. Thus, there is plenty of time to help and empathize others. Eventually, The Fourth Noble Truth signifies the end of suffering.practice_of_tolerance_statement_quote_dalai_vintage_hd-wallpaper-1246513

Afterwards, morality and happiness are consequent of mindfulness and cultivation of wisdom and continual compassion for other people. It should be intensified that compassionate expression is authentic and successful if people understand themselves, in order to understand, empathize and help others. So, the aforementioned stages comprise a life guidance that leads to compassion and contentment as long as there is catharsis of suffering. According to Buddhist perspective, the coexistence of compassion and wisdom is the basis for the emotional therapy. Compassion is also combined with love-kindness, empathetic joy and equanimity which are the four fundamental attitudes of Buddhist tradition. It arises as purification of mind and self-protection through the Eight-fold Path which includes action, right thought, speech, effort, right livelihood and concentration.

Finally, compassionate heart obtains spiritual freedom, approaches self and others as inseparable and pursues to trace the deep and natural strengths of mind.


People’s adventure into the film world!!!


Προσθέστε λεζάντα

Due to the ambiguity of CGI and 3D models issue, it has been argued that a substitute of reality, which is created by the aforementioned techniques, fuels viewers with stimulus of an artificial intelligence.

According to psychological evidence, a thought or a behavioral tendency might be influenced by an external stimulus, and this constitutes a cognitive procedure that people don’t perceive or realize. An enchanting film might be contrived with such a realistic exactness, so that it reproduces a reality, which is believable and convincing to a great extent. The audience frequently feels preoccupied and curious in association with the nonexistence of things. Viewers proceed to identify themselves with the fictional characters, to be sympathetic and emotionally connected with them to a considerable degree. Therefore, interference in the logical perceptual process is observed; the vision of people’s notion about societies, their thinking about religious convictions, magic, universe, human essence or supernatural attributes.

So, a film experience can instigate internal conflicts or motives that are hidden in the unconscious part of brain, but their strength is influential in aspects of real life.


     I firmly suggest that screening of artificial, virtual environments, which are relied on CGI and 3D potential, cannot modify viewers’ perceptual procedure and their capacity of estimating the genuine knowledge of reality and the dreamland of films.

Audience’s awareness of the fact that they are going to be exposed to a manipulated reality, facilitates the reduction of fascination and the sense of the profound immersion in this experience. In spite of the fact that people feel inspired and incapacitated in extraordinary stimulus, human consciousness is characterized by an innate property, transience.  Brain activity permits people to be flexible and adapt in various circumstances, such as a 3D film experience. However, each imaginary thought tends to return to consciousness and reality. Moreover, brain construction utilizes logical strategies and memory system, in order to define and maintain the idea of authenticity, to dominate and eventually to survive after the film experience.

Furthermore, significant factors, such as childhood, upbringing or social values prevent people from disturbing their essence of thinking about the real world.

~Personality ~ How religion can change my life ?

Personality constitutes an ambiguous issue!!!

It is supposedly considered that people’s character traits are profoundly innate, owing to their genes, and not acquired. In my point of view, human personality is formed by the predisposition for particular behaviors, in association with various factors that might be influential in personality’s aspects,during the life.

Initially, it has been widely mentioned that religious conviction is a stimulating factor for people’s mentality and it can facilitate their intellectual development. People become more passionate, visionary, and through a genuine strength are capable of approaching life’s challenges, for instance anxiety for financial or professional affairs, with optimism and modesty. It is considerably effective the factthat people’s behavior can be modified by moral values, such as solidarity, generosity, respect and emotional sensibilities. People are aware of their behavioral strengths and infirmitiesthrough the procedure of self-criticism. Subsequently, they have the brave to defense any temptation, such as ribaldry, theft, lie, accusation or cheating to somebody for their personal benefit. Eventually, religious perspective contributes to improve behavioral tendencies significantly and shape healthy interpersonal relationships.

ΨΥΧΟΛΟΓΙΑ : Το ρίσκο σε ανταμοίβει ακριβά

paulo_coelho_be_brave_take_risks_rlΓιατί …. η ζωή είναι μια τέχνη

Και εσύ τεχνίτης της δικής σου ευτυχίας. Όσο οικτρά και γοργά φθείρεται το δικό σου κορμί, όσο κουρέλι και αν περιπλανέται σε ένα άδειο δωμάτιο, η ψυχή είναι γεμάτη αποχρώσεις, σαν να ακούς ακόμα την χροιά έντονων εμπειριών και βιωμάτων καρφωμένα στην μνήμη.

Η μνήμη, δεν είναι μόνο μόνο μια διεργασία εγκεφαλική και εξυπηρετική για σένα…Κουβαλά το παρελθόν σου και το παρόν….Και όσο περνάνε τα χρόνια θα μένουν μόνον οι θετικές αναμνήσεις παρά εκείνες που είχαν αρνητικό αντίκτυπο, αρκεί να μην φθάσεις ποτε στο σημείο να πείς »Μακάρι να είχα αμνησία, να μην θυμόμουν τίποτα»….. Όμως η ζωή δεν είναι πεζό κείμενο… Έχει τις ανωμαλίες του, τις παρεκλίσεις, υπάρχουν στιγμές που το μέτρο του κειμένου αυτού αλλάζει….

Η μεγάλη πρόκληση για σένα είναι το πώς θα διαχειριστείς, θα αγωνιστείς για να αντιμετωπίσεις το πρόβλημα. Μέχρι τελικής πτώσεως. Ίσως θα νιώσεις να παλεύεις σε βαθιά νερά, σε κοφτερούς βράχους που πληγώνουν τα πόδια σου μέχρι το μεδούλι και να γονατίζεις στο χώμα, αλλά θα σηκωθείς όρθιος. Και η ανάμνηση θα αρχίζει να σου αφήνει μια γλυκόπικρη γεύση. Διότι μια μοναδική εμπειρία, σε άλλαξε μοναδικά, και έμαθες απο το λάθος. Θα ξέρεις πως στη ζωή δεν παίζεις στο παιχνίδι μόνο με την αμυντική φανέλα, αλλά και την επιθετική, για να κυρηχθείς νικητής δίκαια.

Με πάθος, αποφασιστικότητα, ρίσκο αλλά και σύνεση.

Γιατί, με έναν τέτοιο χαρακτήρα θα νιώθεις το όνομά σου περήφανο, και όχι δειλό…..

Οι άλλοι, …οι υπόλοιποι, ….εκείνοι που μοιάζουν λίγο πολύ μεταξύ τους στην κοινωνία αυτή…. απλώς ανώνυμοι που πάντα θα προσπαθούν να τσιμπολογήσουν λίγο από την περηφάνια σου.


Η Λυρική Ποίηση της Σαπφούς

Η   Σ Α Π Φ Ω 

Η μεγαλύτερη ποιήτρια του Αρχαίου Ελληνικού Ποιητικού Λόγου εξυμνεί τον έρωτα προσδίδοντας μια θεική διάσταση στο νόημα των όσων καταγράφει με διαχρονική επίδραση


Ο Έρωτας μου συντάραξε το νού, σαν άνεμος που ρίχνεται στα δέντρα του βουνού


Σε λαχταρούσα.

την ψυχή μου δρόσισες που καίγονταν στον πόθο.

Ο ίδιος ο θεός μουφαίνεται εκείνος ο άνδρας αντίκρυ σου,

που παραδίνεται όλος στης φωνής σου την γλύκα

και μένα στο στήθος η καρδιά αναλιώνει…….

Για τελετή βαδίζουμε. Δέξου το, έλα. 

Όσο πιο γρήγορα τις κοπέλες σου διώξε, 

και οι θεοί ας μας δώσουν ότι μπορούν. 

Παντοδύναμη Αφροδίτη, του Δία η κόρη, 

με τους καημούς και τις πίκρες της αγάπης μην καταδαμάζεις

την ψυχή μου.